Our Greatest Commitment
is Our Promise to You and Your Family

The AREVA Commitment

Areva Living is a customer-centric company. We seek to create an exceptional home-buying experience, where we partner with you on the common goal of achieving homeownership. Our intention is to build communities where we ourselves would want to live — to create a sustainable environment that promotes harmony between neighbours and surroundings, and that supports a balanced life filled with peace and enjoyment. We run our business with an eye to the highest ethical conduct, treating everyone — from customers to trade partners — with dignity and respect.

Home Warranty

Congratulations on choosing an Areva home! In our Areva New Home Warranty, we offer you an excellent warranty package to provide you with peace of mind as you ease into your new life. Our homes are built to exceed the BC Building Code requirements, and they meet the regulations and requirements as set out by the municipality, the Homeowner Protection Office, and our independent warranty provider. Our warranty gives you 2, 5, and 10-year insurance depending on the item, so that you can rest easy knowing we’re looking out for you and your family.
At Areva Living, our homes are backed by 2, 5, and 10-year home warranty insurance. This insurance is mandatory, as established by the Province of British Columbia’s Homeowner Protection Act. Here’s how it works for you:
  • 12 months’ coverage on labour and materials, including defects in material and labour for your home;
  • 15 months’ coverage for defects in material and labour for common property in the building;
  • 24 months’ coverage for defects in material and labour for major systems, like plumbing, electrical and heating;
  • 5 years’ coverage for building envelope (this includes unintended water penetration);
  • 10 years’ coverage on major structural items.

Homeowner Care

So you’ve taken possession of your new Areva home! You couldn’t have made a better decision. It’s an exciting time filled with details large and small. Not to worry: we will walk beside you through every step of getting accustomed to your beautiful new home. We’ll meet with you in person and orient you to your new home, showing you in detail how everything works, from the thermostat and water shut-offs to the air filters and heating equipment. We will also provide you with a detailed homeowner manual as part of the move-in process. And, as an Areva homeowner, you’ll always have access to our customer care team.